Marketing Strategies






Still undoubtedly serves as the best reminder of the dates and venue of the expo. A strong host of advertisements will be placed in leading newspapers.


Specialised trade journals, magazines & directories
Our network in this area is widely connected and is a key source of attracting quality industry players to the exhibition. Advertisements can be found in many of these medias.


Personal Visits
Many a times, nothing beats a personal touch in walking up to their doorstep and hand-delivering an exclusive invitation to the exhibition.


VIP Programme
The cream-of-the-crop of each business’ clients, exhibitors are invited to nominate their key clients as VIPs to the exhibition.


Outdoor Advertisement Reach
Billboards & buntings, banners & busses, just to name a few of our outdoor marketing reach. Wherever relevant and in relation to the industry, you will be able to see and view it.


Electronic Marketing
In today’s Information Technology era, electronic marketing is an integral part of any publi ity plans. Email newsletters broadcast, SMS reminders, Interactive websites all form part of our “e-Marketing”.


Direct Mailing
Present your product to potential clients as soon as you sign-up before the expo to our extensive database in the manufacturing sector now reaching 100,000 in Malaysia alone. Our direct mailing of previews is included for all exhibitors at no additional costs.


Official Show Guide
Stay active and connected with the industry even after the expo with our official show guide. Your contact details allow visitors to find you and your products throughout.


Visitor Invitations
Have an exclusive product launch? A new model with extra advantage? Or maybe you just want to renew your relationship with your existing clients. Invite all of them to your booth with our invitation cards.


Press Activities
Press releases are well planned and well distributed to local and foreign press. News about the expo goes a long way in bringing in your right buyers.


Trade Associations, Communities & Government Agencies
Endorsements and supports from the industry are well established for our exhibitions to always be connected and up-to-date.